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Emotional Souvenirs

Updated: May 5

This poem was written during an immensely painful time that was riddled with confusion, nostalgia, and anxiety. I attempted to articulate the anguish I was experiencing by visualizing the various events in nature to capture the ever-changing thoughts and feelings.

Written by Charlene.

© June 2019

When I sit still I feel waves, No, Tsunamis of anxiety, engulfing my soul, Eroding what's left, leaving remnants of what was once whole.

Deep, tight, clenching grief, Few words can articulate the immense doubt, Questions, Reflections, Collections, Of memories from before.

Swirling, jumbled thoughts, overwhelming, enveloping, Mind steeped with emotional souvenirs, Turning away despite it all, I fall, Stalling, Pushing aside the full pain, Again, For another time.

Turbulent moments turned toxic, Then cosmic signs infiltrate, Heart palpitates, Suspicions validated, But be still.

Years of truth reduced to mere moments that move tectonic plates...

Shifting the world beneath my feet, Unstable, Can't breathe, Pleading, Emotionally reeling, Breaking, Broken, Gone, Beyond repair.

But, Here I am, Writing, Crying, Surviving.

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