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Lightning Strikes

From time to time, I'll post a poem that will become part of a larger complication.

This particular poem touches upon moments of connections that did not necessarily result in anything but were important to developing our hearts.

This poem is written by Charlene. © 2021

When the lightning strikes I'm reminded of the warmth of an embrace from long ago,

When the connection was as strong as the sounds of thunder,



Moments of silent understanding followed by boisterous reality,

Pitter patter of the rain echoes that of my beating heart as it opens, reminding me of the human capacity to experience feelings.

Do feelings resurface when the sky lights up?

Darkness invaded by hope, beautiful streaks of glorious energy shared like the spark of our touch?

Ideas of fingers interlocking and the tangling of words revisiting memories and moments,

Beautiful whispers roll from our lips while the thunder rolls across the city,

Fixated on synchronicities of everyday life, bringing lives together,

Reviving the sections of our hearts we felt were clouded by darkness,

For when the sun hits droplets after a storm rainbows abound reminding us,

Nudging us,

Then they scream at us to accept the love we so strongly desire.

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