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Services I Offer

I am a passionate educator and researcher who enjoys guiding students through their educational journey. I specialize in services for Ph.D. students, candidates, and fellow researchers and educators, working through the teaching and research process, but also work with many other students from different backgrounds, including those in undergrad, teacher education, and professional degrees. Using my experience, I believe in the importance of providing access to knowledge and resources that are lesser known or not often discussed. 

Because I understand not all have the resources necessary to navigate higher education, these rates are provided for transparency, however, I am willing to work with you and can discuss discounted rates depending on circumstances. If you are interested in a service but cannot afford it, please still contact me. And though my specialty is in the social sciences, I can provide support on the overall graduate studies process, as well as humanities and social science-based writing.

Interested? Contact me today!

If you're interested in any of the services I provide, please reach out. Again, while the prices listed are my current rates, I am always willing to have a conversation. Please reach out even if you are in need of these services, but are unable to meet these rates. 

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