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My Humanity

The pounding in my ears coupled with the beating of my anxious heart reminds me of my humanness.

Soul tapping deep into cavities unknown, reminders of years when my voice was nothing but the furthest echo,

Sitting suffocated in silence, a silence so loud it chills every atom of my existence.

Coldness seeping through the layers I've fabricated over the years,

Callouses built to keep out the unsettling breeze that stings my very being,

The detachment from emotions is slowly being sewn back together so that the hardened moments are now instead forefront, no longer deeply stowed away, acting instead as minutes that go on, instead, as eons, humanizing me to a level of uncertainty, discomfort, and grounded reality.

Tightness overwhelming my body, disconnecting me from the hardness I once embodied, Thrusting me into spiraling hyperventilation, Gasping for air through oxygen that is not reserved for me.

Simple distractions no longer work, and the circumstances fostered as diversions are now emotionally centered, My ability to pretend, To subside, To subdue, To continue on without attention has now dissipated,

All while empowering, unfolding, recreating, anew, is yet again, a reminder of my humanity.

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