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See the World

Photos in here are my own photos I've taken from my trip to Belize in March 2023.

Plane Wing in Sky over Central America With Clouds in Sky
I took this photo overlooking the Caribbean Sea nearing the landing in Belize

Let's go to Rome,

To see the Trevi Fountain,

Or visit Peru and sit in awe of

Rainbow Mountain.

Let's see Chiapas,

And sit under waterfalls and connect,

And wonder, resting peacefully,

Loving all of the beauty we'd


Let's go and see musicals in New York,

As I feel my soul fed through the


Or dance carefree together in


Under the moon and the stars as a

perfect remedy.

Let's go, right now,

Help me forget yesterday and beyond,

Enjoying new things,

And staying up until dawn.

Let's run away to the Louvre,

And talk about the next hop,

Or skip over to Greece to read the


And reflect on our stops.

I want to feel content in Navagio,

Feel the sun on my face and dig my

feet into the sand,

Feel myself and just know,

Never feeling lost despite some things

going unplanned.

Let's go see the world,

Let's catch the next flight,

Help me forget my troubles,

Let's create adventures and stories

that only we can write.

Underneath of puddle jumper plane over Belizean water in San Pedro

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