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Stay Today

The smell of the fresh rain hitting the gravel road,

The light that showed,


And sparked in the sky,

Reminding us of the beauty of nature,


Often neglected,

Reflected in the intimacy we lack with our surroundings and each other.

Gray skies wash away the pain we've inflicted,

But not without scars,

Climate desperately afflicted,

Clouding the stars that twinkle,

Trying through the smog and light polluting each other,

Hidden, buried,

Through the despair and disparities carried from person to person,

Transmitted through power,

Coincidentally by those who cower,

Contaminating humanity and the land alike all for a little profit.

Rain, rain,

Stay today,

For those in power are killing our land,

Taking out our hands,

And leading the rest of us astray.

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