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The Cosmos

(Pictured: Painting of Earth, Venus, Mercury, the Sun surrounded by cosmos. My 5-year-old daughter stopped me from covering up my attempt at the cosmos as she said, "Art doesn't need to be perfect, Mommy." So I didn't cover them up.)

I look into the sky, and fantasize, Of moments never possible, Of floating amidst the stars and cosmos, To forget the sorrows, deep in my soul.

Fists clenched, Body wound, Hoping to satisfy an appetite for wonder, To squander reflection for mere moments, Connection, To self, to others, Together.

Urges coursing to the tips of my toes, Waiting for exploration, Navigation, Course correction, To learn, understand, and feel, To detach from what's below.

In the sky, above, Trailing place to place, And land to land, feet moving carelessly, Beating aligned with my heart, Ready to depart, From mundane, The chains, Restricting me, Keeping me confined.

And while the cosmos are too far, To feel through travels and in front of me, I hope to see the world that can release me, Liberate me, Feel at ease, To know, And be molded, By experiences and connections, And move freely once again among, Us, To discover, and feel, and be me once more.

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