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Project Update: 11.6.23

Updated: Nov 18, 2023

Several weeks ago I put together a small research lab through the nonprofit, The Dignified Learning Project (DLP). This research lab is the start of many future projects through this organization. The DLP is a nonprofit that I started in 2016 as part of my MA education, designed to apply research to the community in a way that challenges dominant ideologies around research. Our organization is focused on advocating for equal access to transformative education, critically engaged research methodologies, and community-centered dialogue. As such, our lab is part of our public education and dissemination of knowledge, something vital to the development and foundation of The DLP.

Our team, currently focused on housing in San Diego, consisted of Katie Brandi, a recent graduate with her MA in sociology, Nicolé Mendoza, a current MA student in sociology, Belen Rashidi and Elena Miller, undergraduates in sociology, and myself, Charlene E. Holkenbrink-Monk, a lecturer in sociology and executive director of The Dignified Learning Project. This team of amazing scholars has supported this project, and we have some exciting updates.

I'm excited by the work being done at The DLP, and equally excited to be pursuing my own personal research regarding this with the scholars on this team.

So, on that note, head over to The DLP's website to learn more about this project. You can find out updates on this project here: Project Update, Housing in San Diego: 11.6.23

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